This virtual space is just like a good advertising break in a world choked with bad commercials. Daily, you ingest around 5000 ad messages that leave your perception and your reactions “unaltered”. Basically, they’re pointless spam. I hope this blog, will be the exception.

The things that you read about here are probabilistic, important at a certain point in life, contemplative, unscalable and I confidently add, different.

Mundane inspiration: the people I’ve met, their stories, the places I’ve seen, the thoughts rumbling in my head, scents I love, neon lights, technology and progress, grief, summer feels, water, triangles, etc.

I’ve started ellavangarde back in 2008. That’s fucking 10 years ago! I’ve started it while being a reckless student in Cluj. The bold days. Then, I abandoned it for a while. My aspirations changed along the years. So did my writing.

Happy INSIGHTFUL reading!





5 thoughts on “::about::

  1. Un raspuns intarzaiat din partea mea …imi sta in fire …cat despre concertul placebo imi doresc nespus sa merg … sa vedem cum decide soarta! dar trebuie sa tin cont si de alti factori care-mi stau in cale …big sheet! Chiar apreciez oamenii care scriu sau au vreo activitate mai artistica, daca ii pot spune astfel …eu sunt doar un biet prunc care incearca (nu cu prea mare succes, da’ poate intr-o zi)…till next time -passive aggresive-placebo 🙂

    1. chestia cu bloggingul vine de la sine. e ok ca ai posibilitatea sa-ti exersezi scrisul, sa-ti exprimi punctul de vedere in mod dezinhibat ( trist ca offline chestia asta se intampla din ce in ce mai rar). si don’t give up. important e sa scrii bine:) si interesant. si ai potential, am vazut asta.
      p.s. esti la arte? dc da….iti sunt “vecina”. eu locuiesc in blocul de langa arte.

      1. ah in sfarsit vad si eu! de fapt asteptasem un raspuns pe blogul meu -el nu a venit- si nu mi-a mai trecut prin cap sa ma uit aici :(. Ei bine nu, nu sunt la arte desi mereu am avut o pasiune pentru ea 🙂 dar nu stau departe (vlaicu). Btw se apropie 21 iunie.

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