the one with some time off

Lately, I’ve been reconnecting with myself. It’s been peaceful, I had some time off from the mundane chaos surrounding me. I’ve been thinking about my accomplishments in the past years. As I was recalling a vast palette of emotions & feels, I began stepping towards imaginary street detailing from cities I’ve never visited but oddly desired to explore.

In the last couple of days of 2017, as the year was coming to and end, in those soothing moments of tranquility, I made some promises to myself, not because it was the goddamn end of the year but rather because the need for change was imminent. All this time, I aspired to become better. Better than others, mostly. I’ve learned from my failures and as peculiar  as it might seem for some of you, I was in a great mood to celebrate failure and disappointments. It’s a process we all face. I was embracing the process, without being ashamed of it. Eventually, growth is only possible if you overcome anxieties and fear.

[insert some January break here]


As January drained, the oppressive life lessons kicked in. People come and people go, that’s only natural, I know, but then again, there are those people who were always “around” and then, before you know it, “life changes in the instant, the ordinary instant”.  How do you deal with loss? I’ve been through this before and I’m sure that most of you did, but to be honest, the feeling after you lose someone who’s always been there is nothing but bitter and shattering. The sooner you forget, the easier it gets. Pieces of you though, refuse to give up. Refuse the “forgetting”.

I miss authentic people. I see copies of copies of copies of copies. It’s a world full of robust personalities. I miss the “ten-years-ago-people”. Less checking phones and watches every 5 min. It was all about connections and curiosity. Today, we’re connected to everything but we have real access to no one. Such a paradox.

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