i traffic in fiction. i do not traffic in lies

i’m breathing your predictableness.  i’m choking, i’m mocking my own mascara. my eyelids and my heart. i’ve become what i had never wanted. unsecured. fuck your perception. you know why i refuse it? because it’ s mediocre. you will chew mediocrity and it’ll be your only food supply. you can’t overcome it. the motion of comfort and having your food done somewhere around 3 in the afternoon,  trying to build your dreams by reading stuff about bored individuals that succeed but had never known how to keep happiness  (1) , going to bed at midnight and craping around 9 in the morning, listening to the same radio station while driving..some of the ultimate redundant mediocre habits. basic analyses upon human behavior.  case study: you.

(1) happiness is when you live life and not write about it. once you start writing, the  thing that governates you is  the syndrome of nostalgia – something that once brought you emotions of any kind.

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