Some things never change

You trust people until one day,  when eventually, they end up disappointing.

First impression matters. Until you get the real one.

Once a naive, always exposed to being naive.

Ignore the others when they tell you’re an idiot. But when you prove yourself you’re an idiot, there’s no doubt you’re an idiot. Don’t try to deny it. You’re not making it easier.

Don’t say it’s fine, without doing something about it.  It won’t last.

Communication is not a way of solving issues. It’s the way of solving them.

Optimism and stupidity are overrated. America is a relevant example.

5 thoughts on “Some things never change

  1. @ cristi: si tu esti cameleonic! 🙂 sa stii, ca dupa foarte mult timp mi-am cumparat caiete dictando. am reprimat suficient de multe lucruri incat sa-mi ajunga sa le pun pe hartie. dintr-un motiv necunoscut…m-am reintors spre poezie.

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