Ask your winamp, knows you best.

Mi-am consultat si eu winampul. Cum fac toti atunci cand se plictisesc si-i apuca nostalgia intrebarilor existentiale.

1. My mood today: Chihlimbar- Luna Amara

Depresiv-poetic. Cam  pe-acolo…

2. I need a change. Where should i start from? Naked- Alice in Videoland

Oare? Nu-i prea loud si ostentativ?! Chiar e asta ultima solutie?! Bine, bine…maine dimineata jogging pe bulevard!

3. Where am i now? Lately- Skunk Anansie

“Lately i can’t colour what we’ve lost, it all seems like bad means,

When lovers turn from lust, then i try, try to smoke alone.”

Si-am fumat mult de una singura in ultimul timp…

4. Where will i be 5 years from now?  Fit but you know it- The Streets

Haha. Ma multumeste asta. Deci la sala…

5. What’s the best thing that will happen? Greenfields- Faultline

Vorbim de coordonate edenice sa-nteleg…

6. And the worst? Chocolate- Snow Patrol

Madness! Sugar high. Sau just high.

7. Representative song: What’s up? – 4Non Blonds

Adaptat: Twenty – one years and my life is still …

8. How will i die? Plastic- Portishead

Bun. O sa ma arunce-n pungi de plastic. O sa ma si transeze ?!:))

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