by status, dreamcatcher

wonderland_2_by_TrixyPixieHOW TO CHASE DREAMS:

idealize Something when you’re  young, too young and vulnerable. start dreaming about it.

take that Something and turn it sideways. make a few mistakes and realise the subjective importance of that Something. it’s all about you and your mistakes. no one cares about them more than you do. actually no one cares  except you, this should make it more concludent.

tourment upon it.

wait a couple of years. think of the waiting as some kind of  foreplay.

make a radical change and forget about the idea of the usefulness, economic aspect. or any other thing that might prejudice your chasing. only then you can think free like, without the breathing of someone else.

acomplish the dream without the fear of failing. you can’t fail.

the fact is that most of “our decisions” are under the influence of the society we live in, the way we’ve been raised, the cultural background, people around us, our parents and so on…so far too little of what we decide is US. it takes courage to evoid aspects and believe in the idea that a dream can fulfill your existence. that’s what people want. fulfillment, acomplishment, happiness, memorable, mementoes. it comes in forms and varieties.  dreams CAN do that…

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