in search of girls, cars & guitars


Erase, Erase, Erase. Rewind.

i’ve discovered a while now, a person who’s quote in life could easily be “in search of girls, cars and guitars”. this person is far too depressed right now, actually he can hardly crawl his lousy existence throughout subways ‘n gigs. well, as solid as concrete, funny story  though, i’m experiencing…or simply “piercing” the  “ignore” tratement.  i’ve said: “i’ll write about you”…from time to time.. “yeah, do whatever you want, i’m having a bad day, i’ll  go get something to drink”.  

“come on. take my time you fool.  come on take it!it means nothing when you, blank as a hospital bed, infected as a cheap heroin needle  mess my life. ” i dont want it!”  i don’t need the time, the writing, the You…

music, glam, drugs, sex, audience,lights, arrogance,  crowd, indie, eclectic, smoke, gig, crustations, burning point, questions, screams, pleasure, blur, lack of time, passion, life. the past, the shadow. the show. the call. the recall. the alter, the You…

“time dismentles images. scarcely i can remember the lines of your face, the eyes, the voice, the hair, the jokes, the walks. i’ll try to glue what’s left. not much..”. ” stupid girl… i’m moving to the twilight zone.  nothing’s left cuz nothing ever really started.”

Nantes by Beirut

to be continued.

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